Museo Maria Reiche

Museum in Nazca & Around

When Maria Reiche, the German mathematician and long-term researcher of the Nazca Lines, died in 1998, her house, which stands 5km north of the mirador (lookout) along Panamericana Sur, was made into a small museum. Though disappointingly scant on information, you can see where she lived, amid the clutter of her tools and obsessive sketches in addition to a tattooed mummy.

Though the sun can be punishing, it’s possible to walk here from the mirador in a sweaty hour or so, although the busy highway is not the safest place to walk. Alternatively a passing colectivo can sometimes take you (S2). To return to Nazca, just ask the guard to help you flag down any southbound bus or colectivo. A visit to the museum can also be arranged as part of a tour to the nearby mirador.