A dirt road travels 25km west from Nazca to Cahuachi, the most important known Nazca center, which is still undergoing excavation. It consists of several pyramids, a graveyard and an enigmatic site called Estaquería, which may have been used as a place of mummification. Tours from Nazca take three hours, cost S50 to S130 per person, and may include a side trip to Pueblo Viejo, a nearby pre-Nazca residential settlement, or sandboarding on nearby dunes.

Going here with advance reservations from a tour agency is recommended as access is complicated. If you want to go independently a round-trip taxi from Nazca costs around S90 to S100.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Mirador


You’ll get only a sketchy idea of the Lines at this lookout on the Panamericana Sur 20km north of Nazca, which has an oblique view of three figures: the…

2. Nazca Lines

12.39 MILES

Spread over 500 sq km (310 sq mi) of arid, rock-strewn plain in the Pampa Colorada (Red Plain), the Nazca Lines are one of the world's great…

3. Nazca Planetarium

12.51 MILES

This small planetarium is in the DM Nazca Hotel and offers scripted evening lectures on the Lines with graphical displays on a domed projection screen…

4. Paredones Ruins

12.55 MILES

The Paredones ruins, 2km southeast of town via Arica over the river, are not very well preserved (primarily because they were constructed from adobe…

5. Chauchilla Cemetery

13.02 MILES

The most popular excursion from Nazca, this cemetery, 28km south of Nazca, will satisfy any urges you have to see ancient bones, skulls and mummies…

6. Museo Didáctico Antonini

13.32 MILES

On the east side of town, this excellent archaeological museum has an aqueduct running through the back garden, as well as interesting reproductions of…

7. Museo Maria Reiche

14.29 MILES

When Maria Reiche, the German mathematician and long-term researcher of the Nazca Lines, died in 1998, her house, which stands 5km north of the mirador …

8. Aqueductos de Cantalloc

14.37 MILES

About 4km southeast of town are the 30-plus underground Cantalloc Aqueducts, many of which are still in working order and are essential in irrigating the…