Santa Rosa de Ocopa

Central Highlands

Set around beautiful gardens and courtyards, this convent was originally built by Franciscans in the early 18th century as a center for missionaries heading into the jungle. The friars accrued an impressive collection of artifacts, now displayed in the museum, and developed a stunning library of some 25,000 volumes (the convent's highlight), with many of its titles dating back to the 15th century.

Admission is by 45-minute guided tour (hourly or once large-enough groups have congregated – seven-person minimum).

Exhibits in the museum include stuffed jungle wildlife, indigenous artifacts, photographs of early missionary work and a large collection of colonial religious art, mainly in the escuela cuzqueña (Cuzco school) style – a combination of Spanish and Andean artistic styles.

Frequent colectivos (shared transportation) leave Monday to Saturday from the plaza in Concepción for Ocopa, about 5km away. Mototaxis charge S20 for the return trip, inclusive of an hour’s wait.

Concepción is easily visited by taking a Huancayo–Jauja izquierda (east side of the valley) bus.

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