Cochas Grande & Cochas Chico

Central Highlands

These two villages on the east side of the valley, sometimes referred to jointly as Cochas, are the major production centers for the incised gourds that have made the district famous. Oddly enough, the gourds are grown mainly on the coast, in the Chiclayo and Ica areas. Once transported into the highlands, they are dried and scorched, then decorated using woodworking tools. Gourd carving can be seen at various houses here, mostly in Cochas Grande (the upper village).

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1. Parque de la Identidad Huanca

2.99 MILES

This fanciful park is full of stone statues of famous regional personalities, as well as miniature buildings representing the area’s culture. It's in the…

2. San Agustín de Cajas

3.43 MILES

This Río Mantaro handicrafts village on the east side of the valley is known for its wicker furniture.

3. Cerro de la Libertad

3.87 MILES

A popular recreational and dining locale with a great view of the city, as well as artwork stalls and a playground. It's about 2km from the town center;…

4. Museo Salesiano

4.28 MILES

Displays fauna epitomizing Peru's three contrasting geographic regions, plus pottery and archaeology exhibits. What is there is well-presented, but it…

5. Iglesia de La Merced


Huancayo's most attractive church, built in colonial style, and seat of the first Congress of Peru in 1839.

6. Cathedral

4.34 MILES

Huancayo's cathedral presides over one side of the Plaza de la Constitución. The largest church in the city, it contains a few paintings from the escuela…

7. Hualhuas

4.44 MILES

This Río Mantaro handicrafts village on the east side of the valley is known for its wool products, including ponchos and weavings.

8. Iglesia de La Inmaculada

4.46 MILES

With its duel cupolas capped in sky-blue, this may be a modern place of worship (built 1965), but it is also one of Huancayo's prettier churches.