South Coast

The most notable archaeological site in the Cañete Valley is Incahuasi, the rough-walled ruins of the military headquarters of the 10th Inca king Túpac Yupanqui, located on the western outskirts of Lunahuaná. Backed by rugged mountains and with views both up and down the valley, it's easy to see why the military rulers chose the site. It is thought that the original buildings date from 1438-ish, soon after the ascension of Emperor Pachacuti.

You won’t find a lot of signage or fellow travelers here, but therein lies the attraction. The site is far bigger than it first seems and covers both sides of the highway, though the main structures are in the fenced-off section on the east side of the road. Some walls have been reconstructed but the largest complexes on each end of the site contain original walls which are up to 3m high in some places.

There are no guides on-site but the caretaker will show you around (speaking Spanish); a small tip is appreciated.

The ruins are on the main road 10km west of Lunahuaná. A taxi should cost around S20 round-trip with waiting time.

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