Casa de la Riva


This handsome, 18th-century mansion features beautiful wooden balconies, an elegant patio and period furnishings.

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1. Casa-Capilla de San Martín de Porres


Right across the street from the Santuario de Santa Rosa de Lima, this building (now a center of religious study) commemorates the birthplace of San…

2. Santuario de Santa Rosa de Lima

0.14 MILES

Honoring the first saint of the Americas, this plain, terracotta-hued church on a congested avenue is located roughly at the site of her birth. The modest…

3. Iglesia de las Nazarenas

0.14 MILES

One of Lima’s most storied churches was part of a 17th-century shantytown inhabited by former slaves. One of them painted an image of the Crucifixion on a…

4. Iglesia de San Agustín

0.18 MILES

This church has an elaborate churrigueresque facade (completed in 1720), replete with stone carvings of angels, flowers, fruit and, of course, St…

5. Casa de Oquendo


The cornflower-blue Casa de Oquendo is a ramshackle turn-of-the-19th-century house (in its time, the tallest in Lima) with a creaky lookout tower that, on…

6. Instituto Riva-Aguero

0.22 MILES

Toward the center of downtown, this traditional casona houses the small Museum of Art & Popular Tradition.

7. Iglesia de Santo Domingo

0.24 MILES

One of Lima’s most historic religious sites, the Iglesia de Santo Domingo and its expansive convent are built on land granted to the Dominican friar…

8. Iglesia de la Merced


The first Latin Mass in Lima was held in 1534 on a small patch of land now marked by the Iglesia de la Merced. Originally built in 1541, it was rebuilt…