In a scoop of a valley 8km above Huari and just inside the Parque Nacional Huascarán, this idyllic lake is well set up for day excursions, but is surprisingly little visited. You can rent kayaks from the friendly park attendant (S10 per hour), follow the lakeshore to the pre-Hispanic ruins of Mama Shoco, or enjoy local trout at a lakeside restaurant. Camping (S40 per night) is also available.

It's possible to walk to the lake from Huari along an unpaved road (a path cuts off some of the corners). Alternatively, hire a taxi for around S60 round-trip. Be sure to stop in the village of Acopalca on the way up, known for its trout farms and plethora of fish restaurants specializing in cerviche.

The two- or three-day Huari to Chacas trek that forges across the mountains via the San Bartolomé Pass starts on the lakeshore.