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Huaraz is the restless capital of this Andean adventure kingdom and its rooftops command exhaustive panoramas of the city's dominion: one of the most impressive mountain ranges in the world. Nearly wiped out by the earthquake of 1970, Huaraz isn’t going to win any Andean-village beauty contests anytime soon, but it does have personality – and personality goes a long way.This is first and foremost a trekking... Read More

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Huaraz adventures

$530 Small group tours

4-Day Trekking Around Llanganuco Santa Cruz

One of the world's classic treks!

$170 Small group tours

4-Day Santa Cruz Trek from Huaraz

Santa Cruz Trek is one of the most wonderful trekking in the world as it is a short trek that help you acclimatize. After you will be able to complete the trek circuit climbing or hiking long challenges. Santa Cruz is located in the hearth of the Cordillera Blanca and it has easy access by both sides. Its mountains, panoramic views with colorful lakes, snow peak mountains makes it also very special. This Trek is actually very popular and preferred by lost of hikers. It can be combined with connection tours to southern Peru such as Inca Trail Trek to Machupicchu and other tours.

$395 Small group tours

10-Day Huyhuash Trek Complete Circuit from Huaraz

Join this 10-day trek and explore the main range of some twenty peaks stretching for approximately 25 km, with a subsidiary range of smaller peaks stretching out to the west for approximately 15 km. Six of the peaks exceed 6000 m. Yerupajá (6617 m), the second highest mountain in Peru (behind Huascarán at 6768 m) and Siula Grande (6344 m), made famous by Joe Simpson in Touching the Void Film.

$495 Small group tours

11-Day Alpamayo Circuit Trek

The 5% of this price is donated directly to people or family in needs personally from our clients. This 5% of direct donation may be for study supplies (notebooks, books, pencils, papers, pens, erasers etc, etc for Schools or individuals). Clothes for Family and Children. They live in the country side mainly and this visit could be coordinated as Acclimatizing Trek. In this trip arranges for Cultural Interchange or exploration, for cultural experience.