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$270 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Amazon Jungle Tour at Sinchicuy Lodge

Enjoy three days and two nights at the Sinchicuy Lodge in the beautiful Amazon on this tour from Iquitos! You'll be transferred from the Iquitos International Airport by your guide to a speedboat on the Amazon River, one of the world's largest rivers. Your 3-day adventure begins with a canoe ride to Nueno Pero, a small Yagua community. Tour the Santa Maria del Ojeal farmlands, enjoy early-morning bird watching, take a motorboat cruise along the Amazon River, and hike through the jungle. Discover unique plants and wildlife while learning about the habitat and ecosystems of the Amazon with your expert guide.See the Itinerary field below for a more detailed tour description.

$460 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Iquitos Amazon Jungle Adventure at Heliconia Lodge

Spend three days in the Amazon Jungle on this exciting Iquitos adventure! You'll be picked up at the Iquitos International Airport and whisked away to the Heliconia Lodge by speedboat on an approximately 1.5-hour ride. Located on the Amazon River, Heliconia Lodge is where you'll sleep and eat all your meals. Your three days in Iquitos will be busy, yet fun! Hike into the Yanamono Reserve, cruise down the Amazon River, enjoy early-morning bird watching, visit a small riverside town, interact with locals, spot native tropical wildlife and more!See the Itinerary field below for a more detailed tour description.

$415 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Tamishiyacu Reserve, Curassow Amazon Lodge 3-Day Wildlife Tour

Explore the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Communal Reserve, one of the best spots in the Amazon rainforest to observe wildlife. This tour takes you into virgin jungle where you will go on nature hiking, fishing, canoeing, navigating the Amazon River, birdwatching, wildlife spotting as primates, river dolphins and alligators. This all-inclusive tour combines nature and wildlife with a comfortable accommodation at Curassow Amazon Lodge.See the Itinerary below for a detailed tour description.

$688 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Amazon Jungle 4-Day Adventure from Iquitos

Day 1: Transfer Iquitos - Jungle Lodge & Activities in the Amazon Jungle (L/D)Arrive to Iquitos before 9am. Transfer from the airport arrivals lounge to Iquitos (or hotel to the office) for shopping and last-minute coordination. Transfer to the port for a 3-hour boat ride from Iquitos up the Amazon River. Upon arrival, get settled at your lodge and enjoy a buffet lunch.Take an afternoon boat trip to Lake Sapote to see different birds, and then head to Moena lagoon, where you'll look for sloths, monkeys, squirrels, and dusky titi monkeys. After watching a sunset over the "forest of mirrors," head to the lodge for a dinner buffet. In the evening, take a boat ride to see caimans, nocturnal birds, and mammals.Day 2: Activities in the Amazon Jungle (B/L/D)Have an early breakfast before setting off on a nature hike. Taste the water contained within the vines of the Uncaria tomentosa (cat's claw) plant. You'll also see the world's smallest monkey, the pigmy marmoset, as well as squirrels and tamarin monkeys. If you're lucky, you'll see the howler monkey, whose deafening roar can be heard many miles away. Enjoy a lunch buffet back at the lodge, then take a boat trip to the lakes Purura and Corrientes and catch different kinds of fish, including the famous piranha (more difficult in March, April, May). This is an area that has many strangler vines, and is a favorite spot of the "hoatzin" bird (also known as the "shansho"). Return to the lodge for a dinner buffet. At night, take a walk in search of huge frogs, the anaconda´s favorite food, and the local tarantulas.Day 3: Activities in the Amazon Jungle (B/L/D)Rise early and have breakfast before embarking on a 5-hour hike near the lodge, allowing you to appreciate the immense variety of flora and fauna that exist in the area. Reach the black waters creek (between the rivers Tahuayo-Yanayacu). You'll stop for lunch served outdoors, allowing you to enjoy the virgin atmosphere of this Amazon jungle site. Share the late afternoon with the friendly people of the jungle, in the village of San Juan de Yanayacu. Return to the lodge for a dinner buffet. On your last night, take a night canoe trip to feel the sounds and animals of the jungle more closely.Day 4: Activities in the Amazon Jungle & Return to Iquitos (B/L)Enjoy breakfast on the boat this morning while cruising on the Amazon River. During this boat trip, you'll experience the most magical moment of your trip, during which  you'll swim in the same river where the pink and gray dolphins are known to congregate. On the way back to the lodge, you will see the biggest aquatic plant in the world, the famous Victoria Regia.After enjoying one more lunch buffet, sail three hours back to Iquitos and get dropped off at the hotel or airport. Please plan to fly out of Iquitos after 6pm.

$685.65 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Iquitos to Ceiba Tops Lodge 3-Day Amazon Jungle Adventure Tour

Spend 3 days in the world famous Amazon Jungle! Check in to the beautiful Ceiba Tops Lodge, where you'll begin your Amazon adventure. Your professional guide will teach you about the culture and traditions of locals as you visit their villages. Spot native wildlife as you cruise down the Amazon River. Spend time hiking around the rainforest near the lodge with an expert naturalist and see amazing trees, plants and wildlife. See the Itinerary field below for a more detailed tour description.

$330 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Pacaya Samiria Reserve 3-Day Amazon Rainforest Expedition

Day 01: Iquitos - Nauta - Ecological Jungle Trips (L-D) 8:00a.m: Your tour will start with pickup from hotel or airport reception and transfer them to the town of Nauta road in a private car, on the way we will observe the small villages of farmers settled on the sides of the road. The trip last approximately 1.45hrs. After arrival in the town of Nauta.Will board the boats that will take us to our hostel, which is 2.5hrs by sailing boat typical for the Maranon rivers, Amazon and Ucayali. And then end up in the river Yarapa where the hostel is located.Walk deep into primary forest, knowing part of the flora and fauna of the area, approximately two hours. Return to the Lodge.Lunch. Visit to an Amazon village to see their daily activities and keep browsing the Ucayali river to watch grey and pink dolphins.Dinner. A night time indicated by the guide performed the canoe trip in order to see different nocturnal species.Night at the Lodge.Day 2: Ecological jungle trips - Lodge and excursions (B-L-D) Very early walk in the jungle to see varieties of families of monkeys, insects, spiders, in their habitat. Breakfast. Tour the Rio Yarapa by motor boat. To Piranha fishing, cat fish, corvina, bird watching, and other species. Lunch. Orientation walk in the jungle to talk about medicinal, industrial plants and also learn about the art of survival using the elements of the Amazon jungle. Dinner. A time indicated by the night hike guide for some kinds of insects, frogs and other species.Night at the Lodge.Day 3: Ecological Jungle Trips - Iquitos (B - L) Early canoe ride down the River Yarapa order to observe more varieties of birds in their habitat, some varieties of birds named Hoatzin (Hoatzin), Large Forest Tinamous, Undulated tianamou - (Crypturellus undulatus), Scarlet Macaw (Ara Macaw), Tucan, etc Breakfast. Program recreational fishing for piranhas and other species such as catfish, tucunare, bujurquis, acarahuiasu, sardines in the lagoon near the lodge, fishing is carried out with typical canes of the area. Return to the Lodge. Lunch.Time indicated return to the city of Nauta and then to the city of Iquitos.Your tour will end in our office in Iquitos or at the airport.