Palacio López


The grand pink Palacio López is the seat of government. During the early years of independence you could be shot for merely looking at the exterior! These days, despite being the seat of government, you will find security rather more laid back, although it's still closed to the public. The best photo opportunities are from the river side.

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1. Manzana de la Rivera

0.07 MILES

Just across the street from Palacio López is the Manzana de la Rivera, a complex of nine colorful and restored houses. The oldest is Casa Viola (1750),…

2. Casa de la Independencia

0.25 MILES

The Casa de la Independencia dates from 1772 and is where Paraguay became the first country on the continent to declare its independence in 1811. Rooms…

3. Cabildo

0.29 MILES

North of the Plaza de los Héroes near the waterfront is the pink cabildo (colonial town council), which was once the center of government. This…

4. Panteón de los Héroes

0.37 MILES

Asunción's most instantly recognizable building, the imposing Panteón de los Héroes protects the remains of Mariscal Francisco Solano López and other key…

5. Catedral Metropolitana

0.41 MILES

On the eastern side of Plaza Constitución is the unremarkable Catedral Metropolitana, with its equally unremarkable museum.

6. Estación Ferrocarril


The Asunción–Encarnación railway line was the first in South America. One of the first trains to run the route is on display at the old Estación…

7. Cementerio de la Recoleta

3.16 MILES

This cemetery, 3km east of the center along Av Mariscal López, is a maze of incredible mausoleums as Asunción's wealthy try to do outdo each other in the…

8. Jardín Botánico

4.13 MILES

From the center, Av Artigas runs approximately 6km to the Jardín Botánico. The former estate of the ruling López dynasty, it now houses the city zoo, a…