Japanese Barge Tunnels

New Britain

Tunnels built to hold the barges out of sight from the Allies. They were hauled to the water along rails by Indian slaves, now buried at Bita Paka War Cemetery, in order to load shipping cargo. The main tunnel contains five rusty barges, lined up nose to tail; bring a torch and K5 kastom (custom) price.

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3. Malmaluan Lookout


The Burma (Vuruga) Rd leaves the Kokopo–Rabaul Rd and climbs to Malmaluan Lookout, at the Telikom tower. The views are OK, and there’s an anti-aircraft…

4. Floating Crane

1.62 MILES

A rusty Japanese floating crane, which was bombed by the Allies.

5. Blue Lagoon Lookout

2.04 MILES

Enjoy wonderful views of Blanche Bay with Tavurvur volcano as a fantastic backdrop.

7. Beehives

3.74 MILES

The two rocky pinnacles rising from the centre of Simpson Harbour are called the Beehives and are said to be the hard core of the original old volcano…

8. Matupit Island

3.89 MILES

The 1994 eruption should have destroyed little Matupit Island but the prevailing winds brought Tavurvur’s load over Rabaul and left this connected island…