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But there's much more here to attract visitors than endless coastline. Unesco World Heritage Site Isla Coiba, the so-called Galápagos of Central America, draws divers, birdwatchers and paradise seekers. Surfing village Santa Catalina is a destination in its own right. Hikes to waterfalls and swimming holes around the highland village of Santa Fé offer an off-the-beaten path retreat.

Veraguas' isolated Caribbean coast will one day be accessible on the Carretera de Caribe, an east-west highway that will link Miguel de la Borda in Colón Province with Rambala in Bocas de Toro, some 230km away. This, and tourism, will help this deforested region of ranchers and subsistence farmers redefine itself and recast its fragile fortunes.

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Full-Day Diving for Beginners at Coiba National Park

If you want to visit Coiba National Park in a day trip, relax on pristine white sand beaches, explore the jungle on Coiba Island, snorkel over the largest coral reef system of the Tropical Eastern Pacific and combine this adventure with a trial dive, this is your opportunity. If you always wanted to explore the under water world but are not sure if you want to make a complete certification course or if you have done trial dives or resort dives before but did not have the opportunity to get certified, this is the program for you.The day trip starts at 8:00am from Santa Catalina beach. After an hour of boat trip along the coast we will reach the first dive- and snorkeling spot. The already certified divers will make their first dive of the day and the snorkelers and participants of the trial dive program will enjoy snorkeling or relaxing on a beach. After this our instructor will explain you the basics of diving and what you will experience breathing under water. Then you will get on your diving gear and start breathing under water in shallow water off a beach. After being comfortable breathing and swimming under water and handling your equipment, your instructor will lead you to a dive of approximately 40 minutes to a maximum depth of 12 meters / 40 feet.Before returning to Santa Catalina you will visit Coiba and its lush rain forest and get another possibility to snorkel or even go for another dive.After a day full of adventure and natural beauty. We will reach Santa Catalina at around 4:00 to 5:00 pm.

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Panama Experience

From San José, hit the beach and mountain retreats on your way to the locks of the world-famous Panama Canal at the centre of the Americas. Visit gorgeous islands and chill to reggae beats on Caribbean beaches. Search for the quetzal bird in cloud forests and shake your tailfeather in the clubs of Panama City. With your hotel and transport arranged by our CEOs, you can concentrate on choosing your own adventure.