Veraguas Province

The name of Veraguas province (literally “see waters”) is both descriptive and accurate – it is the only one of Panama's provinces and comarcas (indigenous districts) to border both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

But there's much more here to attract visitors than endless coastline. Unesco World Heritage site Isla Coiba, the so-called Galápagos of Central America, draws divers, birdwatchers and paradise-seekers. Surfing village Santa Catalina is a destination in its own right. Hikes to waterfalls and swimming holes around the highland village of Santa Fé offer an off-the-beaten-path retreat.

Veraguas' isolated Caribbean coast will one day be accessible on the Carretera de Caribe, an east–west highway that will link Miguel de la Borda in Colón Province with Rambala in Bocas de Toro, some 143mi (230km) away. This, and tourism, will help this deforested region of ranchers and subsistence farmers redefine itself and recast its fragile fortunes.

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