Fizayah Beach


Separated from the rest of the Salalah Plain by the vertical cliffs of Mughsail, and accessed via the Sarfait Rd, Fizayah Beach is one of the most dramatic spectacles in Dhofar. Lunging cliffs and limestone pinnacles, decorated at the base with perfect sandy coves, make for perfect wild campsites – a fact not lost on the local Jebbali (the indigenous residents of Dhofar's mountains) who graze their numerous camels here and set up camp under the trees.

In 2018 a small cargo ship, marooned during Cylone Mekunu and pushed closer to the shore by Cyclone Luban, looks set to become a permanent wreck in the first cove of Fizayah Beach. This may spoil the view a little, but it shows the power of the sea when provoked.

The beach is signposted off the Sarfait Rd, 13.5km from the Al Maha petrol station in Mughsail. Access to the beach involves a 6km steep descent on a rough track, so it's safer to travel here in a 4WD.