Egersund Kirke

The Coast

There has been a church in Egersund since at least 1292. The cute, current manifestation dates back to the 1620s. The carved altarpiece, a depiction of the baptism and crucifixion of Christ by Stavanger carpenter Thomas Christophersen and painted by artist Peter Reimers, dates back to 1607; the baptismal font is from 1583. The cross-shaped design, intimate balconies and wonderfully decorated pew doors are all worth lingering over.

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1. Egersund Fayancemuseum

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2. Dalane Folk Museum

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The 'folk' part of the Dalane Folk Museum features eight historic timber homes at Slettebø, 3.5km north of Egersund just off the Rv42.

3. Hollenderbyen

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The old 'Dutch Town' district, with its narrow streets and old timber buildings, makes for a richly atmospheric walk.

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5. Flekkefjord Church

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