Drop down the steep stairs of Andersgrotta into this cave that once served as an air-raid shelter and bunker as wave upon wave of Russian bombers sought to knock out the Nazi ore-shipping facility. There's a multilingual presentation, and a nine-minute video also tells the tale. Wrap up warmly as the temperature here is 3°C, even in summer.

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1. Russian Monument

0.06 MILES

Located up a short hill, this statue is dedicated to the Red Army troops who liberated the town in 1944.

3. Bear Sculptures

0.21 MILES

Outside the Russian consulate, there are two engaging little sculptures of a bear mounting – in every sense of the word, it would appear – a lamp-post.

4. Grenselandsmuseet

0.58 MILES

This well-presented frontier museum, 1km from Kirkenes centre, illustrates the geography and culture of the border region, with special displays on WWII…

5. Gabba Reindeer & Husky Park

4.95 MILES

This may not be so much of a treat for the children if you've been driving in Eastern Finnmark and have stopped to relate to communing roadside reindeer…

6. Høyde 96

18.37 MILES

The Cold War lookout tower Høyde 96 offers a view eastward to the bleak Russian mining town of Nikel.

7. Sør-Varanger Museum

18.6 MILES

It's worth a stop at the Strand branch of the Sør-Varanger Museum, which preserves Norway's oldest public boarding school and illustrates the region's…

8. Kjeldsen Fish Factory

23.8 MILES

This old fish factory is at Ekkerøy, 15km east of town. The complex retains its old stores and lodgings, a mass of arcane fishing equipment, the former…