Tvrdina Kale Fortress

Top choice fortress in Skopje

Image by mihairomeob Getty Images

Dominating the skyline of Skopje, this Game of Thrones–worthy, 6th-century AD Byzantine (and later, Ottoman) fortress is an easy walk up from the Čaršija and its ramparts offer great views over the city and river. Inside the ruins, two mini museums were being built at the time of writing to house various archaeological finds from Neolithic to Ottoman times. This will be a welcome addition to the site, as there are no information boards at the fortress at present.

The entrance is up the hill on Samoilova inside a lovely park; opposite the gateway is a slightly unkempt path that leads across the hump of the hill to the Museum of Contemporary Art. En route, you'll get a stellar bird's-eye view of Skopje's futuristic, vortex-like Filip II sports arena in the valley below.