Sino-Korean Friendship Tower


This television tower was built as a gift from the Chinese to the DRPK. It's possible to take the lift to the top and have a drink at the small cafe.

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1. Kim Il-sung Mural

0.16 MILES

This massive mural depicts the hypothetical scene of the joyful masses celebrating Kim Il-sung's arrival in Pyongyang, even though the event wasn't quite…

2. Triumphal Arch

0.23 MILES

Your guides will tell you proudly that the Triumphal Arch is 6m higher than its cousin in Paris, making it the largest of its kind in the world. The arch…

3. Moran Hill

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This is Pyongyang’s top recreation ground: couples wander, families picnic and there are people playing guitars and sometimes even dancing in an…

4. Liberation Tower

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This stone column topped with a red star commemorates the Soviet liberation of Pyongyang from Japanese rule in 1945. Built in 1947, it is thoroughly…

5. Chilsong Gate

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Located inside what is today Pyongyang's main park, the Chilsong Gate was once the northern entrance to the original walled city of Pyongyang and dates…

6. Tower of Immortality

0.73 MILES

The writing on this tower, through the base of which traffic drives, pledges that the 'Great Leader Kim Il-sung and the Dear Leader Kim Jong-il will…

7. Metro Museum

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The Metro Museum details the Great and Dear Leaders' roles in the construction of the Pyongyang metro in detail, although technical information beyond…

8. Chollima Statue

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This impressive statue portrays Chollima, the Korean Pegasus. It’s an interesting example of how the North Korean state has incorporated traditional…