Cityscape and skyline of Lagos Island, Ikoyi, and Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria.

©Kehinde Temitope Odutayo/Getty Images


Nigeria is a pulsating powerhouse: as the most populous nation on the continent – nearly every fifth African is Nigerian – it dominates the region. Lagos, the main city, is overflowing with tech industries, posh restaurants and clubs, and an exploding arts scene, this megacity is the face of modern Africa.


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From thrilling festivals to immersive cultural experiences, here are the 9 best things to do in Nigeria.

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From what to pack to helpful etiquette rules and safety tips, here are the some things to know before visiting Nigeria.

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From okadas (motorcycle taxis) to kekes (tricycles), these are the best ways for getting around Nigeria.

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Heading to Nigeria? Unless you're a citizen of ECOWAS/CEDEAO-member countries, Chad or Cameroon, you'll need a visa.

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Hire a driver and hop in the car to explore more of Nigeria with these top road trip routes.

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Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria - stock photo
Badagry, Nigeria: slave port on the Atlantic Ocean - gate of no return, where the slaves captured by the local rulers were shipped to the Americas - for over a thousand years (8th to 20th centuries) slaves were traded by land to the muslim countries to the north and from the 17th to 19th centuries to the Americas.


7 of the best beaches in Nigeria

Aug 2, 2023 • 7 min read


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