Centro Turistico La Boquita

Masaya & Los Pueblos Blancos

This waterfront complex offers amenities for beachgoers, from bars and restaurants to public restrooms. Just follow the only road west to the end.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Masaya & Los Pueblos Blancos attractions

1. Reserva Ecológica La Maquina


Take a dip in the pools beneath spectacular waterfalls at this lovely nature reserve, then explore the short hiking trails that traverse the 154-hectare…

2. Centro Turistico Pochomil

10.81 MILES

This is where you find ample visitor parking and access to Pochomil's dense cluster of beach restaurants and bars.

3. Gaia Estate

14.8 MILES

Birdwatching and coffee tours are conveniently rolled into one at Gaia Estate, a lush, 90-acre organic coffee farm. Over 150 species of birds live here,…

4. Museo Ecológico Trópico Seco

15.76 MILES

Nicaragua’s first natural history museum (sort of) offers informative, if low-budget, displays that focus primarily on the ecosystem of the Río Grande de…

6. Reserva Natural Chocoyero-El Brujo

22.36 MILES

This 184-hectare natural reserve, 30km outside Managua, is a small wilderness enclave within easy reach of the capital. Imagine: a hardwood forest, dense…

7. Biblioteca Augusto C Sandino

24.94 MILES

This simple corner building was the childhood home of revolutionary leader Augusto C Sandino. Now it's a library and small museum devoted to Sandino…

8. Parque Nacional Volcán Masaya

25.88 MILES

Described by the Spaniards as the gates of hell, the craters that comprise Volcán Masaya National Park are the most easily accessible active volcanoes in…