Rama Cay

Island in Territorio Rama-Kriol

This tiny and rocky barbell-shaped island 15km southeast of Bluefields is the de facto capital of the Rama nation. Dotted with coconut and banana palms and mango and breadfruit trees, the island is laced with earthen trails that link clusters of stilted thatched bungalows, home to more than 1000 people – over half of all remaining Rama. A trip here is a cultural experience rather than an island excursion.

Check out the Moravian Church or head up to the breezy point on the north side of the island to chill out under coconut trees. The population here still speaks its own language, which you'll hear wherever you go. If you're feeling active, learn to sail a traditional dory (dugout canoe) on the bay and head across to wild Mission Cay for a picnic. Visits to Rama Cay can be organized through the Gobierno Territorial Rama-Kriol office in Bluefields, which can arrange transportation and lodging.