Mulled wine is a very popular Christmas drink, but it you fancy the idea of bathing in it, you can head to a Victorian manor house in England. Spa booking service, SpaSeekers, has launched what it is claiming the world's first "Mulled Wine Spa Day" at Shrigley Hall in the heart of Cheshire.

Guests can immerse themselves in a mulled wine hot tub that has been treated to ensure it's at a safe and neutral pH. It combines the rejuvenating benefits of red wine and spa treatments with the spa's own blend of vinotherapy. Set at 37 degrees, the warmth of the pool allows the pores to open, releasing toxins and allowing skin to embrace the tannins in the mulled wine. It also provides a high level of antioxidants from orange, cinnamon and star anise. And of course, you'll be given a glass to drink too.

The mulled wine hot tub at Shrigley Hall in Cheshire
Guests can immerse themselves in a mulled wine hot tub © SpaSeekers

According to SpaSeekers, the mulled wine spa contributes antibacterial, antioxidising, stress-reducing, skin-softening and anti-inflammatory properties. There are also festive-themed treatments on offer, including a 45-minute frankincense massage that provides the calming benefits of frankincense and grapeseed massage oil. Then there's a brown sugar, cinnamon and orange body scrub, which brings blood flow back to the skin with the citric acid aiding exfoliation.

Shrigley Hall Hotel is located 15 miles south of Manchester city centre, and it dates back to 1825. It sits high above the estate on the edge of the Peak District. The mulled wine spa will take place at the Bazaar Spa & Silk Garden at Shrigley Hall, which also has an outdoor hydrotherapy pool, thermal cabins and tepidarium. Further information is available from the website here.

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