While many things are different this year around travel, one sure thing is that Santa will still be coming. However, pre-Christmas visits to Santa are not a given, which is why Airbnb is inviting the entire North Pole to become Online Experiences hosts.

Wanting to help the Christmas community continue to earn income during what would normally be their busiest time of year, it is calling all Santas, elves and reindeer to submit their idea for an Online Experience idea. It will also be partnering with Santa Visits USA to offer even more ways to meet Santa Claus and the entire North Pole gang this year. These include Christmas magic with Kris Kingle himself, a holiday-themed bedtime pyjama party, a visit with head elf, Buzz Twinkletoes, and even a murder mystery show with Mrs Claus.

A picture of Santa Claus aittig on his throne
Airbnb is offering virtual visits with Santa © Airbnb

"According to a new report by the Fraternal Order of Real-Bearded Santas, nearly a third of their members surveyed will not be taking part in in-person visits this year," says Airbnb. "As many of Santa Claus entertainers worldwide live on a fixed income and are reliant on their income from appearances during the holiday season, this new reality has created serious economic hardship for countless Santa performers."

Guests can also enjoy Santa Claus around the world, with special experiences designed for families of all backgrounds, including people with disabilities. These include a "Virtual Visit and Story Time with Santa," "Mama Claus Holiday Joy," "Sign Language Santa," "Meet Santa Claus in Lapland" and "Santa Storytime" with an award-winning author. In addition, hosts are sharing their own holiday traditions from around the world so people can feel festive from home, such as "How to Throw a Holiday Dinner Party," "Create recycled puppets for the holidays" and "Sing Holiday Songs with a Broadway Star."

Airbnb will provide additional support to Santa Claus entertainers who are interested in becoming Online Experience hosts, helping them to make a seamless transition to virtual visits. Further information is available here, and you can read about the holiday experiences already available here.

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