All of us are dreaming of a time when travel is once again safe and accessible. And when the world returns to a level of normality, many people will want to hit the open road to make up for lost time. A recently-unveiled project from custom conversation company Freedom Vans has been inspiring people online and fuelling serious wanderlust. 

Called Pluto, the recent Mercedes Sprinter 144 build was made for a woman who plans to travel with four dogs. To ensure a safe space for all occupants, the company fitted the van with a split-type air conditioning unit and temperature sensor that actually allows the owner to the check the interior temperature of the van while she is away, ensuring her furry friends are always comfortable.

“Pluto was largely inspired by this client's pups - her desire to travel comfortably with her two fur babies, and sometimes an additional two foster dogs. This dictated the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, which includes temperature sensor, under mount filter fan and exhaust fan. We also planned in room for a large crate and a modular dog bed. The overhead cabinets with back lit solid surface doors are unique to this build,” Kyleigh Rogers, co-owner of Freedom Vans told Lonely Planet. 

freedom vans pluto.jpg
The build was done inside a Mercedes Sprinter 144 © Freedom Vans

It also includes a compact kitchen galley, garage space, composting toilet, bench seat, and solar power system which allows for a comfortable living experience while on the road. The total cost of the conversion was $90,000, including upgraded suspension, body flares, wheels and tires in addition to the interior build.

Working out of Washington, the company was founded in 2015 as the demand for bespoke camper vans and builds was on the rise. While things are up in the air at the moment, Kyleigh said that she believes people will want to travel more after COVID19. “I do see camper vans becoming more popular as our society shifts from this pandemic. They provide a simple way of traveling for individuals and families that allow our clients to see new sights and enjoy life off grid. They allow for the entire family to head out on adventures, including the dogs,” Kyleigh said.

More information on Freedom Vans is available at their official website.

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