Have you ever dreamed of owning your own bar and restaurant? How about one where polar bears stop by to peak in through the windows? If that last detail piqued your interest, a new prospect set in the Norwegian Archipelago may be for you, as one of the world’s most northerly bars is seeking a new owner.

Called Svalbar, the business is located in Svalbard, in the Arctic North between Norway and the North Pole. Knowing how unique the bar is, the current owners decided to let the world know that it is for sale in the hopes that a suitable buyer would be found who truly appreciates it for what it is. “Svalbar is a popular and cozy pub in the heart of Longyearbyen, the largest town of Svalbard. The pub is in immediate vicinity of several hotels and is a natural hotspot for both locals and tourists, with an attractive corner location on main street. Burgers from the grill, Italian pizzas from the brick ovens and great drinks from the bar are just the tip of the iceberg of what [it] has to offer,” the owners said about it.

The current owners are hoping to sell the bar to the right candidate © Veronika Valdal / Svalbar

The premises has a full kitchen and room for 18 tables and 90 seated customers, and even has non-human visitors from time to time. Svalbar recently shared a video of a curious polar bear making its way up to the window one night before running off. Talking about what makes the bar unique, a representative told Lonely Planet, “How many bars do you know where a polar bear actually visits and you can get your own polar ice right outside?”.

Svalbar Food
The pub has a full kitchen and currently serves pizzas and burgers amongst other things © Bublik Polina

The population of Svalbard is just below 3000, and the Northern Lights can be spotted above the winter skies. It is a part of the Kingdom of Norway but is governed by the Svalbard treaty, meaning there are no limitations on travel or work and there is no visa requirements for foreigners neither to work or live there. 

More information on the property is available at the official website.

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