Ever felt torn between choosing what you want for dinner? There’s always the option to merge two classics together to create something new. That’s exactly what has been done at Pizza Hut Taiwan, where visitors can sample the world’s first tonkotsu ramen pizza.

The crossover was created in partnership with Japanese ramen restaurant Menya Musashi, and aims to entice fans of the popular steaming soup and noodle dish to try the new offering.  The pizza has the toppings of a typical Tonkotsu ramen (a broth made with pork bones), including thick ramen noodles, pork slices, white sesame, fresh chili, and a half-boiled egg in the middle. Spring onions and bamboo shoots are even served on the side. Only available in Taiwan, the large pizza costs NT$450 (US$15.30). In March, Pizza Hut launched a sweet Kyoto matcha mochi pizza, which proved a hit on Instagram. 

Tonkotsu Ramen
Tonkoysu Ramen is a favourite dish in Taiwan which has been reinvented in pizza form © Junichi Miyazaki / Lonely Planet

An Instagrammable take on food is a sure-fire way to drum up attention, like glow-in-the-dark ramen or beer ramen. Currently, as visiting restaurants has been curtailed in many regions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants and fast food chains have been getting more and more inventive as of late. Sweden recently unveiled a restaurant scattered amongst the outdoors, while an automat serving contact free dumplings has been unveiled in New York City.

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