Prepping interesting meals for our families three times a day for days on end can be time consuming and challenging for a lot of us, but Velas Resorts has a new offer to make the task easier and way more fun. 

The Mexico-based resort chain is offering up their chefs to create delicious and easy recipes using the items found in your pantry. On the website there is a form where you fill out your name and email and have a chance to upload either a photo of your pantry or a list of ingredients that you have. The resort chefs will then send you a recipe crafted from just what you have on hand.

“We wanted to do something special for our guests and followers,” said Michel Mutière, the culinary director of Velas Resorts, “Personalized customer service at the resorts is a priority to us, why not continue providing it where they are now?”

The responses to people’s pantry lists have included everything from shrimp in creamy lemon sauce to traditional Northern Mexican discada. The chefs send a personalized email with a thoughtful recipe or three and multiple cooking tips and they always ask for a picture of the finished dish from hungry students. 

Make instaworthy recipes with help from Velas Resort chefs © Velas Resorts

One man asked for his recipes to be kept, “as simple as possible,” and Chef Bert Bonnarens from Grand Velas Los Cabos returned three different ideas – flamenco asparagus, spaghetti a la puttanesca and apple and beetroot roses, which don’t look or sound simple at all until you read the recipe. 

The service is part of a better together online program launched by the resort to showcase their offerings and help people who have been quarantined at home have a more resort-like experience.

The whole program started on March 24 and was planned for forty days. During this time Velas Resorts’ social media channels are featuring new activities, tips and workshops to encourage people to stay productive and have fun during their time at home.

There are activities for the kids, including coloring pages and craft activities, as well as instructions to make your home more resort-like – tips for making your bed resort-style for example. There are also wellness suggestions, like DIY salt-scrubs and instructions for how to make your own mandala.

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