Sarah Stocking

Sarah Stocking

Nashville, Tennesse, USA

About Sarah

From childhood summers spent exploring the United States from campground to campground to stepping off a plane in Bangkok for a year-long adventure and absolutely no plan, traveling is a way of life for me. I'm at my very best self when on the road. I've stared a southern right whale in the eye in Antarctica, danced in the Tapati Rapa Nui, had mojitos in Havana with Piers Brosnan and lost my heart over and over again to the planet's wildest, remotest and most vibrant places.

I always say my favorite place to travel is the place I just got back from. The world never stops leaving me in a state of total awe and I am forever grateful for its stunning magnitude and capacity for inspiring wonder. These are the kinds of stories I love to try and capture whether with my own writing or as an editor helping a writer tell their own stories of meeting the planet.

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