When you use the London Tube to commute daily in and out of the United Kingdom’s capital, you might not notice the stations you’re passing through. But “many of [them] were ahead of their time when they were built, and many others have been added to the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.”

Budget-expert group Pound Place offers this as an explanation for their latest project, Tube Architecture collecting 82 of the most beautiful stations out of the 270 that make up the London Underground system. Artist and illustrator Luis Gomez Feliu drew a pen-and-paper sketch of each of the 82 stations, in an invitation “to see [these] Tube stations in a new light and to explore the oldest metro system in the world with the eyes of a tourist.”

You can see fifteen sketches in the gallery down below, and explore the rest of them at the official project website here.

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