Today’s vacation rental choices are wide and varied, with countless quirky offerings designed to please people with unique interests. The latest one – a sprawling mansion in Florida designed with scenes from the world of Harry Potter - is no exception, and you don’t need to wait on an owl-carried invitation to go there.

Where to travel based on your Harry Potter Hogwarts house

Located at Champion’s Gate, a 15-minute drive from Orlando, Wizard’s Way is a gigantic 4000-square-foot villa that sleeps up to 20 people, and has eight bedrooms and five bathrooms. Guests are greeted by a sorting hat in the hall, where they can choose the room that suits them best, from a green-tinged, serpentine room adorned with the logo of House Slytherin to bunk beds in the Gryffindor room. There’s even a small nook under the stairs, reminiscent of Harry’s very first bedroom in Privet Drive.

Harry Potter Florida House_1.jpg
The house recreates iconic scenes and locations from the books and films © Loma Homes

The house has special effects, custom-carved beds, ambient sounds and mood lighting to fully immerse visitors in the magical world of Harry Potter. There’s a “quidditch pitch” games room with pool and fuseball tables, an oversized chess board, a Platform 9 3/4-themed room where guests sleep in a Hogwarts Express train bed with a whistling smokestack, and a bed made to look like the iconic blue Ford Anglia from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets “sitting” in a willow tree.

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets.JPG
Guests can sleep in Arthur Weasley's flying Ford Anglia © Loma Homes

The theatre room has comfortable seating to watch your favourite Harry Potter movie, with the walls being painted to look like the Forbidden Forest, complete with glowing dementors and patronuses. The property also boasts a heated indoor swimming pool.

Harry Potter Theatre.JPG
The theatre room comes complete with haunting dementors © Loma Homes

The house is located near Twelve Parsecs the nine-bedroom Star Wars-themed home run by the same company. Visitors also have access to clubhouse amenities that include a water park, gym, and a bar.

More information is available at the official Loma Homes website.

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Where to travel based on your Harry Potter Hogwarts house

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