Whether you’re craving extra space in quarantine or shopping for a vacation home to take to the woods, this Hungarian architecture and design company believes its newest tiny cabin – a reasonably-priced prefabricated model – will fit the bill. 

Drawing on the Eastern European country’s “rural architectural heritage” to create an intimate space for work or relaxation, Hello Wood’s Kabinka cabin taps into the tiny house trend, cramming a small kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping loft into one compact footprint.

A woman in the sleeping loft of Hello Wood's Kabinka cabin, a tiny home that comes in a flat-pack kit
All four sizes have room for a sleeping loft, a bathroom, and a small kitchen © Zsuzsa Darab

The Budapest studio’s first-ever flat-pack design comes in four sizes, but the basic version is nearly four meters-tall from floor to ceiling, with 12 square-meters of floor space, while the largest is 20 meters-square, with a ten-square-meter patio. It can be delivered unfurnished or fully-equipped, to individual customers or campsites and festival organizers. 

The exterior of Hello Wood's Kabinka cabin
The cabin features industrial wall panels and a wooden frame © Zsuzsa Darab

It can be installed on its own lot or in a backyard, where it can serve as guest quarters or studio space, a vacation rental or a private escape. A press release from Hello Wood points out that the interior is coolable and heatable for year-round enjoyment, and “thanks to its low energy consumption and environmental focus, the cabin is also greener than a house built of non-renewable materials with conventional technologies.”

A woman reading in the sleeping loft of the Kabinka cabin
The sleeping loft has a headspace of 1.4 meters © Zsuzsa Darab

Designed and constructed in Hungary, the flat-pack kit features industrial wall panels and a wooden frame, a combination that lends a unique look to the finished product. “Beyond the reimagined building materials and the innovations,” project architect Péter Oravecz says in a promotional video, “Kabinka also comes with the advantage of being fully-customizable in terms of internal and external appearance. It’s the modular design, which makes it fully flexible and linkable. It can be built as a personal space, a sauna, a beach hut, or a workstation.” 

“Although assemble-it-yourself solutions are uncommon on the tiny-house scene of Hungary,” the press release notes, “Hello Wood believes that focusing on wood and creation helps everyone unearth long-forgotten talents and skills… Even the customers can assemble Kabinka from prefabricated elements.” 

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