COVID-19 has changed the way most people work, and one practice that has emerged as a trend for 2021 is remote working. The Portuguese island of Madeira is taking it a step further by creating what it terms a "digital nomad village."

The first phase of Digital Nomads Madeira is set to begin on February 1 in Ponta do Sol and will run until June 30. Situated on the south coast of the Madeira island, Ponta do Sol has approximately 8200 inhabitants in its area of 43.3 sq km. The nomad village offers travelers a free working space with a desk and chair, access to a Slack community and free internet from 8am to 10pm daily at the John do Passos Cultural Centre in the village center. It will also host fun events for the nomads, as well as putting on events and facilitating access to the local community.

The project can host 100 nomads who must commit to staying for at least a month, and is a joint initiative between the regional government of Madeira, Startup Madeira and digital nomad Gonçalo Hall, who is a remote work consultant. It has partnered with local businesses such as real estate, hotels and rental car companies for the nomads to use. Gonçalo and his partners hope to implement a second project in Madeira and similar initiatives in several rural areas of Portugal.

The tranquil island of Madeira has been named Europe's Leading Island Destination at the World Travel Awards for seven out of the past eight years. Nicknamed Pearl of the Atlantic, the tiny volcanic island is geologically dramatic, filled with exotic color and warmed year-round by the Atlantic sun.

For further information on the Digital Nomad Village, please see its website here.

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