Do you think you could go without your phone for an entire weekend? Ignoring mounting emails, tweets, news alerts, WhatsApp messages, Instagram notifications, Tinder matches and Zoom requests for 48 hours without succumbing to temptation even once? If so, you could get paid US$1000. All you need to do is camp at a US national park for two days and completely abandon technology.

These days we're plugged in on all fronts and bombarded with news and alerts 24/7 but Satellite Internet, a Salt Lake City-based company wants to help someone "tune out the world and get back in tune with nature". The company, which specializes in rural broadband, will pay one lucky person $1000 to camp at a US national park of their choosing in a rented RV (the cost of which will be reimbursed) and abandon technology for the duration of their trip.

"The catch is that you won’t be able to capture Instagram-worthy shots on your phone or tweet about how fresh the smell of pine is—no technology allowed beyond what you need to reach your destination safely," the company said in a statement. "While that may sound like an easy task, you have to ask yourself, 'when was the last time I went 48 hours without checking my phone?' "

Once the trip is done, the digital detox-er will be directed to a mobile hotspot, or local cafe with WiFi, and will have to go online to share their experience; highlighting whatever challenges they faced or revealing any surprising revelations they made about a technology-free weekend. They can bring along a friend to keep them company throughout the trip but that person must also resist the temptation to plug in.

Young woman on the back of an RV, which is parked on the beach during sunset
Enjoy breathtaking sunsets without looking through a camera lens ©Mooshny/Shutterstock

Entries are open now and the winner will be announced on September 23. Applicants must be aged 25 years or older, residents of the US and hold a valid driver's licence.

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