With social distancing here, many people are missing some of the shared joys of life, like dining in a restaurant, going to a bar or attending a concert. Denmark has come up with a genius way for the public to take part in the latter however, by introducing drive through gigs where attendees can listen through their FM radios.

The brainchild of three companies, Front of House, Steady and Nordic Rentals, P Scenen is like an ongoing festival that offers new things every day, from movie viewings and comedy to concerts. Attendees can park up in front of the big stage at Aarhus and tune in to an audio feed broadcast out through a radio frequency.

p scenen denmark
Cars lined up and tuned in through FM radio © Camilla Lundby / P Scenen

“The day our Prime Minister closed down the country we decided to do something about It. We brainstormed for the whole night and decided that just because there is COVID19 it doesn’t mean that culture is dead. On the contrary, it wants to live. And we want it to live! Our hope and goal is to spread good energy because we believe that it creates waves of more good energy and we need that in our hearts and minds at these times,” organiser Mark Chemnitz told Lonely Planet.

The companies built a cultural platform that can host music, art, dance, and lectures, and view it as a stage open and accessible to everybody. Recently P Scenen had singer-songwriter Mads Langer perform to a delighted audience.

“We had many magical moments on the stage. A dad brought his 12-year-old son to the concert, the son had his head pressed up against the window and tears was streaming down both their faces, there were tears of joy and happiness. The dad told us that his son suffered from extreme anxiety, this was the first time he had been in an audience and felt like he was a part of something. It was magical because that reminded us everybody about what this is about. That performance and music is something that all of us can connect to. For a few minutes, we all stood together but apart, and it was beautiful,” Mark said.

More information on P Scenen is available at the official website.

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