Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants to create more dedicated spaces for nature-based recreation by asking the public to nominate a site for a future state park. Do you have a special place in mind?

Colorado boasts dramatic scenery, and a wealth of national and state parks for camping, hiking, cycling, skiing, rafting and wildlife watching. Now officials want you to add to that collection by nominating a site to be designated a future state park, as demand for accessible outdoor space in the state increases. "Our outdoor state parks, along with other public lands in Colorado, continue to see record visitation," said Dan Prenzlow, director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Roxborough State Park
Roxborough State Park was established in 1975 ©Adam Springer/Getty Images/iStockphoto

"This year during the pandemic, we've seen even more explosive growth in park attendance, which proves the importance of providing these outdoor spaces to Coloradans and our visitors," he added. "Knowing how important these spaces are to Colorado residents, we invite them to share with us the lands and outdoor spaces they would like to see be a part of the state park system. We're opening up the opportunity to lend your voice in finding unique places that just may become one of our next state parks."

The best state parks in each state

Brainard Lake State Park Colorado
Snow-capped mountains, high mountain lakes and fall foliage at Brainard Lake State Park outside Nederland Colorado ©Steven Milligan/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Your nomination needs to meet a certain set of criteria, which can be viewed in detail here. Above all, it must benefit outdoor recreation, and boost local economies, public health, and quality of life. It should be accessible to all ages, abilities and interests and conserve natural resources and support a financially-sustainable system. 

Colorado is home to four national parks and 42 state parks, with Fishers Park as the latest addition to the state park system, opening this month. To nominate the next one, follow the instructions and complete the nomination form.

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