With social distancing crucial to curbing the spread of COVID-19, people are wondering how fitness classes will be conducted in the future. They may draw inspiration from a pop-up hot yoga event that has opened in Toronto, where participants work out in their own personal bubble, or geodesic dome.

A man doing yoga in a bubble
Participants work out in their own personal bubble © Lmnts Outdoor Studio

Organised by Lmnts Outdoor Studio in partnership with six other Toronto studios, the hot yoga and fitness pop-up event runs until 31 July and there are five to six classes daily. It takes place outdoors in 50 clear bubbles on the grounds of Hotel X, which is situated by Lake Ontario. 

Each bubble is seven-feet tall and 12-feet wide, giving participants approximately 110 square feet of private space. Only one person is allowed in each dome, and participants are not permitted to share the space with family members or friends.

A woman doing yoga in a bubble on the street
Each bubble is seven feet tall and 12 feet wide © George Pimental

They have a heating system in them and aim to act as a regular hot-yoga class in a studio, and they are sanitized after each class. Temperatures can range from 35 to 40+ degrees Celsius inside the domes, but external weather conditions like humidity can have an effect on how hot they feel. Domes are monitored using a control dome and each one comes equipped with a fan to regulate the temperature accordingly.

The top half of a woman doing yoga in a yoga bubble
The domes aim to act as a regular hot-yoga class in a studio © Lmnts Outdoor Studio

As the domes are waterproof, classes can be facilitated in all weather conditions. There are four different pricing packages, called earth, water, air and fire, starting in price at three classes for C$99 (US$72.50), plus tax and service fees, to 20 classes for C$480 (US$351.60).

Further information can be found on Lmnts Outdoor Studio's website here.

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