Guests at this Istanbul hotel are in for a sweet surprise, as the world’s first baklava butler has been announced at Shangri-La Bosphorus. Dressed in traditional Turkish attire, the dedicated member of staff is now on hand to serve up the historic sweet dish that dates back to the Ottoman empire.

Upon arrival to the hotel, guests receive an ornate, decorative key that they present at the lounge or restaurant in order to redeem the service. Once done, the baklava butler appears to serve a portion of the sweet treat filled with Antep pistachio alongside Maraş ice cream, a traditional Turkish ice cream made of clotted cream and prepared on and cut from a vertical skewer. The ice cream can also be served inside the baklava like a sandwich, while the baklava served at the hotel is baked to order from a specialty shop in Gaziantep, known locally as the birthplace of baklava.

Hotel Baklava Butler
Maraş ice cream is made from clotted cream and cut from a skewer © Shangri-La Hotels

“It is part of our quest to create memorable experiences for our guests and delight them with moments of joy. The hotel wanted to present guests with a slice of history as baklava was served during the Ottoman Empire and in the Topkapı Palace kitchen as early as in 1473. Now a milestone in culinary history, baklava was officially registered as a Turkish dessert with a patent in 2005,” Shangri-La Bosphorus told Lonely Planet.

According to the hotel, while other types of baklava use rosewater and cinnamon to enhance the taste, bakers in Gaziantep do not use additional fillings in the traditional treat, instead using a simple blend of honey, filo pastry, butter and crushed pistachio. Guests who wish to take home the dessert can purchase individual boxes at the hotel for TL 250 ($33) per box. 

More information on the hotel is available at the official website.

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