If you're heading to Aspen this winter to take to its magnificent ski slopes, be aware that the popular ski destination now requires visitors to undergo COVID-19 testing.

Aspen is one of the world's most famous mountain destinations as its four ski slopes offer up some of Colorado's best powder turns. There are excellent restaurants at nearly every corner of the historic downtown area, and its aura of understated chic attracts hordes of visitors annually. Pitkin County has now announced a requirement for travelers aged ten years and over to arrive there having been tested for COVID-19 and found to be negative, in order to protect the local community as the winter ski season gets underway.

Those arriving at Aspen/Pitkin County Airport are required to complete a "travel affidavit" online to which they upload evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result administered within 72 hours of arriving in Pitkin County. They are also required to be symptom-free for 10 days before travel. Those who arrive without having completed a test will need to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival and travelers whose results haven't come back will be obliged to quarantine until they do. Failure to comply will be deemed a violation of a public health order and fines up to US$5000 (€4115) may be issued.

A young girl snowboarding in the snow in Aspen
Aspen is one of the world's most famous mountain destinations for winter sports © Ersler Dmitry/Shutterstock

As the ruling is specific to Pitkin County, travelers who arrive from other parts of Colorado also face the same requirements. The traveler affidavit applies to those spending one or more nights there and does not apply to those that are only visiting for the day. Also exempt are those who regularly commute to Pitkin County to attend school or work.

Further information about the travel affidavit can be found on the website here.

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