US airlines have revealed the consequences for passengers who won't wear face masks on flights, and these may include being placed on their restricted lists. This doesn't include those who are exempt, including babies and small children and those who have a medical condition or a disability that prevents them from wearing a face covering.

Members of Airlines for America (A4A) have announced that they will strengthen their mandatory mask policies to mitigate against the spread of COVID-19 and help keep passengers and crew safe. These airlines include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines. Each airline will clearly articulate its individual face-covering policy in communications with customers, which may require passengers to acknowledge the specific rules during the check-in process.

Onboard the aircraft, crew members will announce specific details regarding the carrier’s face covering policy, including the consequences passengers could face for violating the policy. Each carrier will determine the appropriate consequences for passengers who are found to be in noncompliance of the airline’s face covering policy, up to and including suspension of flying privileges on that airline. United has stated that, aside from its agreed exceptions, any passenger that does not comply will be placed on an internal travel restriction list, and will lose their travel privileges on United for a duration of time to be determined pending an incident review.

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Wearing masks is recommended throughout the entire travel journey by some airlines © Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images

American Airlines stated that it may also deny future travel for customers who refuse to wear a face covering, Delta has also issued a statement in relation to potential consequences for passengers who don't follow the rules. "Those who choose not to comply with this or other safety requirements risk future flight privileges with Delta, which is in keeping with the face-covering enforcement policies Airlines for America recently announced," it said.

The full statement from Airlines for America can be found here.

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