Historical Maritime Park

Coromandel Peninsula

Around 3km northwest of Paeroa on SH2, this excellent riverside maritime museum includes details of Captain James Cook's visit to the Firth of Thames and his explorations of the nearby Waihou River in 1769. Other exhibitions focus on the importance of river trade to the Coromandel goldfields. The museum is definitely worth a stop while travelling north or south.

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Nearby Coromandel Peninsula attractions

1. Paeroa Museum

1.82 MILES

This small museum has a grand selection of Royal Albert porcelain and other pioneer and Māori artefacts – look in the drawers.

2. Karangahake Gorge Historic Walkway

5.91 MILES

The very worthwhile 4.5km Karangahake Gorge Historic Walkway takes 1½ hours (each way) and starts from the car park 14km west of Waihi. It follows the…

3. Victoria Battery Tramway & Museum

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Across the river from the Waikino train station, the Victoria Battery Tramway & Museum is the former site of the biggest quartz-ore processing plant in…

4. Waihi Arts Centre & Museum

10.79 MILES

The Waihi Arts Centre & Musuem has an art gallery and displays focusing on the region’s gold-mining history. Prepare to squirm before the collection of…

5. Gold Discovery Centre

10.9 MILES

Waihi’s superb Gold Discovery Centre tells of the area’s gold-mining past, present and future through interactive displays, focusing on personal and…

6. Te Aroha Museum

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In the town’s ornate former thermal sanatorium (aka the ‘Treasure of Te Aroha’). Displays include quirky ceramics, old spa-water bottles, historical…

7. School of Mines & Mineralogical Museum

16.59 MILES

The Historic Places Trust runs tours of these buildings, which house an extensive collection of NZ rocks, minerals and fossils. The oldest section (1868)…