Nelson Classic Car Museum


Nelson's Classic Car Museum houses more than 150 mint-condition classic cars, spanning over a decade of automotive history.

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1. Tahunanui Beach

1.36 MILES

Nelson's primo playground takes the form of a long sandy beach (with lifeguards in summer) backed by dunes and a large grassy park with a playground, an…

2. McCashin’s Brewery

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McCashin’s was a forerunner of the craft brewing craze in NZ, which started way back in the 1980s. Visit the historic Rochdale Cider building in Stoke …

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This modern museum is filled with a jumble of cultural heritage and natural history exhibits with a strong regional focus, including an almost Easter…

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6. Queen's Gardens

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Immerse yourself in botanical history in this ornamental garden, founded in 1887 to commemorate the 50th jubilee of Queen Victoria's coronation. It's set…

7. Botanical Reserve

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Walking tracks through this 12-hectare reserve ascend Botanical Hill, where a spire proclaims the Centre of New Zealand. The actual centre is 55km…

8. Founders Heritage Park

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A collection of heritage buildings has been relocated to this site, 2km northeast of the city centre, creating a Victorian-era village complete with a…