Point Sheep Shearing Show


The 30-minute Point Sheep Shearing Show at the Point B&B is fun and educational. You can feed a ram, and lambs between September and February.

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Nearby Kaikoura attractions

1. Fyffe House

0.31 MILES

Kaikōura’s oldest surviving building and the last remaining part of the Waiopuka whaling station, Fyffe House's whale-bone foundations were laid in 1844…

2. Lookout

0.46 MILES

At the northern entrance to the Kaikōura Peninsula Walkway, overlooking the Point Kean Seal Colony.

3. Point Kean Seal Colony

0.46 MILES

New Zealand fur seals can usually be spotted lazing around on the rocks at the end of the peninsula. Give them a wide berth (10m), and never get between…

4. Lookout

0.78 MILES

Scenic lookout over the seal colony at the southern end of the Kaikōura Peninsula.

5. Lookout

0.97 MILES

Scenic lookout over South Bay on the Kaikōura Peninsula Walkway.

6. Kaikōura Museum

1.84 MILES

Housed in a modern building designed to resemble a crayfishing pot, this whizz-bang museum illuminates the region's geology and natural and social…

7. Emporium Brewing

2.39 MILES

Fill up a takeaway rigger or buy bottles of Emporium's tasty brews at this simple taproom. There are also escape rooms (two players $70; book ahead) and…