Nepal Vajrayana Mahavihara Temple


This beautiful Newari temple with central courtyard was nearing completion at time of research.

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1. Great Drigung Kagyud Lotus Stupa

0.07 MILES

This truly extravagant stupa, constructed by the German Tara Foundation, contains a hollow crown partly covered in glass, revealing a small Buddha within…

2. Thrangu Vajra Vidhya Monastery

0.15 MILES

This monastic temple funded by Canadians opened in 2014; 80% of the residents are nuns. The temple is noted for the nearly three thousand Buddha statues…

3. Vietnam Phat Quoc Tu Temple

0.21 MILES

Vietnam's contribution has a grand roof but one kitschy lawn: its fake mountains resemble a minigolf hole. The faded grandeur is also a reminder that…

4. Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery

0.24 MILES

This elegant monastery is one of the most impressive structures at Lumbini. Reached through a gateway flanked by dogs of Fo, the elegant pagoda-style…

6. Korean Buddhist Temple

0.35 MILES

At the time of research, the government of South Korea was finishing up this massive temple. The interior is magnificent; you might find workers still…

7. Drubgyud Chöling Gompa

0.39 MILES

This classic Tibetan-style gompa (Buddhist monastery) was built in 2001 by Buddhists from Singapore and Nepal. The mural work inside is quite refined…

8. Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery

0.43 MILES

Close to the north end of the pond, this stunning and imposing wat (Thai-style monastery) is built from gleaming white marble. The blue-roofed meditation…