Cambodian Monastery

Top choice in Lumbini

With strong touches of Angkor Wat, this colourful fantasy due for completion in 2018 is already one of the most fascinating temples in Lumbini. The temple is surrounded by a square railing topped off by four 50m green snakes whose tails entwine at the corners. The compound itself has a vast outer wall decorated with intricate designs.

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1. Sri Lankan Monastery

0.08 MILES

The grand and moated Sri Lankan Monastery contains elaborate and colourful murals depicting the life of Buddha.

2. Myanmar Golden Temple

0.08 MILES

The Myanmar Golden Temple is one of the oldest structures in the compound. There are three prayer halls – the most impressive is topped by a corncob…

3. Gautami Nun’s Temple

0.14 MILES

This modest building is the only monastery in the compound built solely for female devotees.

4. Lokamani Pula Pagoda

0.15 MILES

Located on the grounds of the Myanmar Golden Temple is this huge gilded stupa in the southern Burmese style, inspired by the Shwedagon Paya in Yangon.

5. Ceremonial Bell

0.27 MILES

Located near the southern end of the central canal, this large bell is dedicated to world peace.

6. Eternal Flame


Located at the southern end of the canal, the Eternal Flame was created in 1986 to commemorate the International Year of Peace. It symbolises the undying…

7. Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery

0.31 MILES

Close to the north end of the pond, this stunning and imposing wat (Thai-style monastery) is built from gleaming white marble. The blue-roofed meditation…

8. Gold Buddha Statue

0.35 MILES

This large golden Buddha is the latest addition to the various monuments at the southern end of the central canal, joining the Eternal Flame and the…