Mon Cultural Museum


Unlike most of Myanmar's regional museums, Mawlamyine's is actually worth a visit, even if the collection isn't huge. It's dedicated to the Mon history of the region, and the exhibits include stelae with Mon inscriptions, 100-year-old wooden sculptures depicting old age and sickness (used as dhamma-teaching devices in monasteries), ceramics, silver betel boxes, royal funerary urns and Mon musical instruments, with most exhibits accompanied by English-language descriptions.

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1. First Baptist Church

0.13 MILES

Founded by American Adoniram Judson in 1827, this was the country's first Baptist church. In addition to this place of worship, Judson's legacy also…

2. U Zina Paya

0.54 MILES

On the southern spur of the ridge overlooking Mawlamyine, this pagoda was named after a former monk who dreamed of finding gems here, then dug them up and…

3. U Khanti Paya

0.62 MILES

This temple was built to commemorate U Khanti, the hermit architect of Mandalay Hill fame. U Khanti supposedly spent some time on this hill as well. It’s…

5. Seindon Mibaya Kyaung

0.72 MILES

This rickety and dilapidated 100-year-old wooden monastery is famed for being the place where King Mindon's Mon queen, Seindon, sought refuge after…

6. Kyaikthanlan Paya

0.72 MILES

Rudyard Kipling’s visit to Myanmar spanned just three days, but it resulted in a poem, 'Mandalay', that turned Burma into an oriental fantasy. It began…

7. Mahamuni (Bahaman) Paya

0.88 MILES

Directly north of Kyaikthanlan Paya and linked by a covered walkway, this is the largest temple complex in Mawlamyine and easily the most beautiful. It’s…