Kaw Ka Thawng Cave


This area actually consists of three caves, only two of which are generally open to the public.

Kaw Ka Thawng is the first cave you'll come to. It has been gentrified with slippery tile floors and numerous buddha statues. Continuing along a path, you’ll pass the stairway to another cave that’s not normally open. Near the end of the path, you’ll reach a spring-fed swimming hole and another water-filled cave that also serves as a swimming hole.

Splitting from the path before the first cave, a long bridge leads to Lakkana Village, a picturesque Kayin village, the backdrop to which includes Mt Zwegabin, and which has been featured in numerous Myanmar films and videos.

The countryside here is drop-dead gorgeous and you could easily spend a day walking and swimming.

Kaw Ka Thawng Cave is about 7 miles from Hpa-an along the road to Eindu. From the stall on Zaydan St in Hpa-an, hop on a pick-up truck to Eindu and ask to be dropped off at Kaw Ka Thawng Cave. A round trip by motorcycle taxi will cost K7000, or by thoun bein it is K10,000.