Marlar Nwe Market


If you can stomach the smell, this atmospheric scene of fish mongering close to the Ayeyarwady River is worth an afternoon look (it gets most active from 3pm to the evening) prior to visiting the nearby flower market.

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Nearby Mandalay attractions

1. Flower Market

0.06 MILES

This small market takes up a few blocks, which by midday become littered with multicoloured clouds of blossoms and piles of cut stems and leaves.

2. Chanthaya Paya

0.48 MILES

This pagoda's claim to fame – besides its gold stupa – is a Buddha image that supposedly dates to the reign of Indian emperor Ashoka.

3. Eindawya Paya

0.76 MILES

Ranged around a sizeable stupa glowing with gold leaf, Eindawa was founded in 1847 by King Pagan Min, whose princely palace once stood here. The complex…

4. Thingaza Kyaung

0.91 MILES

This appealingly lived-in monastery has some photogenically dilapidated teak buildings. Tucked behind the tagondain (pillar topped with a golden duck) is…

5. Setkyathiha Paya

1.06 MILES

Mostly hidden behind shopfronts, this large elevated pagoda complex includes a ‘golden rock’ lookalike and an enormous sacred bodhi tree planted by U Nu,…

6. Clock Tower

1.06 MILES

Mandalay's clock tower mixes Western and Eastern architecture.

7. Shwekyimyint Paya

1.25 MILES

Founded in 1167 by Prince Minshinzaw, exiled son of King Alaungsithu, Shwekyimyint considerably predates Mandalay itself. Minshinzaw consecrated the…

8. Sacred Heart Cathedral

1.32 MILES

Founded in the 19th century, this is Mandalay's main Catholic church. It has some historical charm from the colonial period, and is a good place to meet…