Mirleft Beach


Layers of breakers crash on miles of tawny sand at the longest of Mirleft's clutch of wonderful beaches. Thatch huts and loungers are available for Dh5, but bring your own picnic.

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1. Aftas Beach

1.12 MILES

Rocky cliffs frame the soft sand at this beach, popular with footballers and families. The predictable thatch huts and decrepit loungers are available,…

2. Marabou Beach

1.84 MILES

Bisected by a massive, imposing boulder, this beach is petite compared to its neighbours, but the waves are no less intense. Avoid swimming at high tide,…

3. Plage Sauvage

4.18 MILES

Four kilometres south of Mirleft is this truly wild beach, accessible down a set of steps, featuring caves, cliffs and crashing waves great for surfing…

4. Ship House

16.51 MILES

Looking out over the beach, this cliff-top building shaped like the bow of a ship was originally the Spanish Naval Secretariat. It's not open to the…

5. Beach

16.6 MILES

The beach is big and rarely busy. While frequently rough waves make swimming inadvisable, its position beneath dramatic cliffs – as well as its…

6. Former Spanish Consulate

16.71 MILES

One of Spanish Sidi Ifni's most attractive art-deco buildings, with a notable front porch ideal for the partaking of consular libations. Wonderfully tall…

7. Law Courts (Former Church)

16.73 MILES

This Spanish-era church displays a few Moorish design influences and is now used as law courts. It's closed to the public, but the curious might be able…

8. Royal Palace

16.81 MILES

Trimmed by palm trees, this imposing building is adjacent to the relaxed Place Hassan II (formerly Plaza de España). This building in particular, with its…