Sidi Ifni

The beach is big and rarely busy. While frequently rough waves make swimming inadvisable, its position beneath dramatic cliffs – as well as its significant length – invites sunset strolls. The odd construction just offshore is the remains of an old land-sea conveyor, which was used to take cargo from ships to the old Spanish port.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Sidi Ifni attractions

1. Former Spanish Consulate

0.13 MILES

One of Spanish Sidi Ifni's most attractive art-deco buildings, with a notable front porch ideal for the partaking of consular libations. Wonderfully tall…

2. Ship House

0.13 MILES

Looking out over the beach, this cliff-top building shaped like the bow of a ship was originally the Spanish Naval Secretariat. It's not open to the…

3. Law Courts (Former Church)

0.13 MILES

This Spanish-era church displays a few Moorish design influences and is now used as law courts. It's closed to the public, but the curious might be able…

4. Royal Palace

0.22 MILES

Trimmed by palm trees, this imposing building is adjacent to the relaxed Place Hassan II (formerly Plaza de España). This building in particular, with its…

5. Town Hall

0.23 MILES

One of Sidi Ifni's finest Spanish-era buildings, the stately hôtel de ville stands in a garden of cactus and plumbago, facing Place Hassan II. It's washed…

6. Twist Club

0.24 MILES

A poignant sign is the only evidence that this nightclub was once the place to be. There's nothing to see here these days, except images in your mind's…

7. Cine Avenida

0.25 MILES

Interesting art-deco building that was a cinema during Spanish days and is now occasionally used for concerts and art installations. The font of the…

8. Lighthouse

0.27 MILES

Essential for Sidi Ifni's marine commerce when the heavy fog inevitably rolls in from the Atlantic, this Spanish-era lighthouse has an interesting mosaic…