Sunday Souq


The valley's weekly market takes place on Sunday and offers a great insight into valley life. Traders and shoppers start arriving in Tabant on Saturday evening, 'parking' their donkeys at the top of town. Expect an authentic experience of busy butchers stalls and veg vendors alongside traders selling everything from used clothes and imported shoes to teapots and tajines and even the kitchen sink (literally).

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Tabant attractions

1. Zawiya of Sidi Moussa

0.74 MILES

For a spectacular sunset, climb the steep but straightforward trail up to the zawiya (shrine) of Sidi Moussa, a local marabout (saint), on a conical…

2. Lac Izoughar

9.93 MILES

At the very upper (northeastern) end of the Aït Bougmez Valley, the seasonal Lac Izoughar is a favoured watering hole for the nomadic Aït Atta tribe…

3. Sebt Aït Bououli

11.55 MILES

The small village of Sebt Aït Bououli, located on bend in the road at the centre of the valley, trekkers can spend the night or stock up on food for their…

5. Tomb of Sidi Said Ahansal

22.22 MILES

The 13th-century tomb of Sidi Said Ahansal is the chief place of religious pilgrimage in the valley, though it is off-limits to non-Muslims. Above the…

6. Ait Sidi Moulay Igherm

22.22 MILES

The largest building in Zaouiat Ahansal dominates the surrounding village. Still home to the saint's descendants, the village's oldest building also…

7. Ait Ben Hmad Igherm

22.38 MILES

This 17th-century igherm (collective granary), still in use by the villagers of Amezray, is one of several historical structures in the region to benefit…

8. La Source de Taghia

22.48 MILES

Water cascades out of the cliff face and down a rocky hillside at these small springs just south of Taghia. It's often a good spot to sit and observe…