Must-see attractions in Dadès Gorge

  • Tamellalt Valley

    Dadès Gorge

    Eighteen kilometres from Boumalne you'll find these extraordinary red rock formations that look like wax, melting right into the green carpet of the…

  • Aït Youl

    Dadès Gorge

    Those art-deco tourism posters you’ll see all over Morocco showing a red-and-white kasbah in a rocky oasis aren’t exaggerating: just 6.5km into the gorge,…

  • Gorge de Miguirne

    Dadès Gorge

    Cresting over a small pass, 14km from Boumalne, is the hidden gem of Gorge de Miguirne, which joins the Dadès Gorge from the south. It offers a fine half…

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